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  • 03/11/2021 7:15 PM | Stan Price (Administrator)

    It seems that the focus of this age has been the affect of Christ's work on sin. As we have grown in our understanding of what was accomplished at Calvary, we began to recognize that redemption was not just the forgiveness of sin, or the covering of sin so God could not see it, but it was the removal of every aspect of the fall. It is as if the fall never happened. The result of this work is grace. Grace is unmerited favor. You didn't earn your position. You were not a diamond in the rough, that God saw something in you that was better than someone else. Regardless of your election grace is what we would have been if there had never been a fall. Perhaps you would have come along at the same season, but without sin. You would have walked in the light that shined from the the throne of the Lamb. Whether you are part of that light, as Bride is the reflection of Him, or as Adam, who walked in the light as it came to him, it is the same light that now shines on the elect. For a born again believer the result is that you are walking where you always would, but your light is shining to attract those who are still awaiting an awakening to their eternal election. Grace will never end. It is the Life of God giving breath to every living thing.

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